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Hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga refers to a particular "style" of yoga which includes:

Meditazione - pratiche settimanali



Voice and Mantra

Positions of the body that confer elasticity, vigor and health to apparatuses and systems, to organs, tissues and cells.

Breathing exercises and harmonization of vital breaths.

Purification of the mind through the vibration of voice and mantras, the sacred formulas of consciousness expansion.

Yoga Nidra

Deep relaxation technique, to break down stress and explore the world of inner images, archetypes and symbols that inhabit our unconscious.


Meditation is the art of slowing down thought-waves and gaining peace of heart. 

Yoga nidra - dettagli pratiche
Voce e mantra - dettagli pratiche
Pranayma - dettagli pratiche
Asan - pratiche settimanli

Study of texts

Yoga is based on very strong philosophical foundations and on the inspiring words of great Masters. Through dedicated readings and lectures, texts and theoretical principles that can support students are studied.

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La nostra proposta di hatha yoga...

si basa principalmente sulle tradizioni di Swami Shivananda e Paramhansa Yogananda, figure maestre nel panorama mondiale dello yoga.  Durante le pratiche viene dato risalto ad elementi di Ayurveda.

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