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Voice and Mantra

Mantra chanting is an integral part of yogic techniques for achieving physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Although over time the quality of sound becomes more refined and expressive, singing ability, vocal range and virtuosity are neither the presuppositions nor the aims of this practice: in the tradition of yoga, the recitation of mantras aims to explore the most subtle levels of the human complex and activate processes of expansion and expression of individual consciousness in harmony with the universal vibrational harmony in which we are immersed.

The intuition that the universe was a web of sound and that sounds expanded beyond the vibrations audible to the human ear is very old. The exploration of the essays went precisely in that direction, in search of the impalpable relationships between vibration and subtle matter. The voice, as an instrument of evolution, is explored and released through the emission of sound and the chanting of mantras.

Occasionally we meet to sing together in Milan and Cinisello.

During the meetings, voice exploration exercises and moments of meditative recitation are proposed. 

It's welcome both those who have experience and those who want to approach the dimension of vibration and song for the first time as understood in the yoga tradition.

We also delve into the exploration of voice and mantra during theResidential seminars in Montallegro di Rapallo (Ge)



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