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  • Download  Skype  on the support you prefer (rather than on an old PC, better a smartphone with a decent video)


  • To be included in the online program we need to know your data (name and surname, email, mobile / telephone  and Skype address) and which practices you are interested in.


  • You will receive an invitation message on Skype: to be included in the practice group you must accept it.

  • You will receive confirmation of insertion in  groups.


  • At the starting time  you will receive  a group call managed by Rossana or Nicola;  by answering you are automatically "in class":  you will see Rossana or Nicola and you will hear their voice.


  • IMPORTANT: Log in a few minutes before the lesson; DO NOT call and wait for the call. When  the group is large Skype does not ring:  it is accessed by clicking on the green button "join the call". During practice, audio and video must be turned off.

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