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Ritiri Residenziali Intensivi nella Natura

Montallegro (GE)

Praticare nella Natura è una forma ancestrale di cura e di contatto col proprio Sé. Proponiamo corsi e ritiri di varia durata, con sessioni di yoga e approfondimenti tematici nella tradizione dell'Hatha Yoga.  La struttura che che ci ospita è immersa nei boschi dell'alta via dei monti liguri, con vista mare sul golfo di Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure e sul promontorio di Portofino.

Siete tutti benvenuti.

Intensive  tematic weekends in Nature

May 5/7

Purification techniques for body and mind

June 1/4

Long weekend of Hatha Yoga

July 7/9

Pranayama and conscious breathing

6/8 October

Dreams, archetypes and symbols

November 17/19

Silent Retreat

YogaMontallegro program started in 2020 to ease the long periods of smart working, distance learning and online courses. We wanted to promote yoga practice in Nature, away from the usual spaces, and we found ourselves laying our mats in the woods, practicing at the first lights of dawn, chanting mantras in the darkness of the night surrounded by fireflies and stars. We organize weekend retreats and courses of various lengths, with yoga sessions and thematic insights into the Hatha Yoga tradition. Yoga practice and meals are usually held outdoor, except in bad weather.  

We stay at Il Pellegrino, a hotel nestled in the woods that side along the high road of the Ligurian mountains, with a sea view over the Gulf of Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and the promontory of Portofino. We're happy to share our journey with anyone who wants to explore themselves in a place of great beauty, nourishment and comfort. You are welcom.

Description of retreats on the websiteYogaMontallegro

Contact Rossana 3496390275

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