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The gift of forgiveness

curated by Rossana Dall'Armellina and Daniela Bovo with the participation of Ilaria Gentilucci

During the evening we will try to better understand the most hidden side of blood relationships, the role that each member plays in the family of origin and the forces at work in redefining a new identity as children and as human beings.
The meeting is structured in two parts:
- verbal sharing in which three testimonies are proposed (in this case three experiences of accompaniment at the end of life)
- two practices of deep listening and body expression

Note: A simple preparation is foreseen: those wishing to participate are invited to communicate it as soon as possible.

Piazza Costa, 23 Cinisello Balsamo



Monday 28 March 18.30 - 21.00 approx


349 639 02 75

Rossana Dall'Armellina
He has been teaching Hatha Yoga for about 15 years. Driven by a deep desire to provide tools to people in their path of spiritual evolution, guides group and individual practices through the courses and activities YOGA CINISELLO.
Moved by the deep feeling that there is no healing power greater than that of Nature, for years she has been conducting intensive retreats that converge in the practice program in the woods YOGA MONTALLEGRO.
His teaching is mainly inspired by the words and practices of the Masters Swami Shivananda, TKV Desikachar and Paramhansa Yogananda but also loves to discover connections between yoga and other areas of human knowledge such as Ayurveda and Astrology. 
Deepens the healing power of the voice and mantras. 
Supported by Daniela Bovo, she investigates the yoga nidra technique according to a symbolic and archetypal perspective in the Jungian tradition. 

Daniela Bovo
Daniela Bovo, psychologist, counselor, naturopath and therapist, with her activity loves to help herself and others  to cultivate happiness, well-being, interpersonal communication, love for the environment, la  self-awareness and openness to the world, to give meaning and peace to individual and collective life. He loves investigating people's history to meet other hidden parts that help to reconstruct and a  connect to the present to show unconscious aspects, apparently unknown and new of himself, which  paint nuances of a deep and rich individuality to which to turn as to a casket in which  meet new talents.  
Among the tools used, in addition to the individual interview and group work, regressive hypnosis, guided visualizations, relaxation, active imagination, meditation, acquired skills and_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ experienced in more than twenty years of activity with patients.  
For some years he has been a Spiritual Assistant, training in "Spiritual Accompaniment in Illness and in  Dying", to prepare and accompany death and life also professionally.

Ilaria Gentilucci
For more than 30 years in the world of yoga and Indian philosophy and always interested in the mystery of life and death. Currently deepens the study of voice, Sanskrit and Astrology.

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