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Monthly practices


The proposal of each meeting embraces the various aspects of the discipline on which it is possible to work comfortably during the three hours of the session.


Within the supporting energy of the group, we come into contact with the many components of our individuality: the physical body, with its laws and countless resources, the energetic body, powerful, impalpable and rich in nuances, the mind with the many thought waves that inhabit it, the emotions that populate our secret spaces, and finally the soul that invites transformation and happiness through visions and whispers.

Who is the course for?

Currently the group consists of experienced practitioners who supplement these meetings with weekly sessions and retreats in nature. People who are open to an overall rather intense practice are welcome, but which also includes sweet moments and deep relaxation.


From September 2022 to May 2023

Every last Thursday of the month

18.30 - 21.30 


Kailash Center

P.le Gambara, 7/A - Milan



€30 per meeting


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Monthly practices

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