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You are welcome for your trial practice  in  any time of the year by agreeing the date by phone at  +39  349 639 02  75  or by writing to  

Group courses take place at the AUSER headquarters  from  Piazza Costa, 23  -  Cinisello Balsamo

side entrance on the right  of the school building (door where there is parking)

Possibility of individual routes a  Milan

NoLo area Viale Monza MM1 Rovereto

Frequency, registrations and subscriptions vary depending on the  individual needs and the  type of route. It is our custom to provide all the information personally during the trial lesson.  


Yoga suggests practicing on an empty stomach: an hour and a half  from a full meal  and an hour from a snack / snack and water; during the practice it is not allowed to drink.

Wear comfortable and breathable clothing;  the practice is barefoot.

The center has non-slip mats but you can bring your own mat.  

Punctuality and maximum personal hygiene are recommended.


When agreeing the test, please report any physical, psychological and pathologies to the teacher  pregnancies.

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