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Complete practice


Each lesson lasts about 1.30 am and is structured around breathing techniques, basic and variant positions, mantra chanting.

The complete practices take place:

  • online Skype 

Every Wednesday at 6.30pm and every Saturday at 9.45am


  • in presence

Every 15 days on Tuesday in Cinisello Balsamo - Piazza Costa, 23

on the following dates:

March 1 - 15 - 29

April 12 - 26

May 10 - 24

June 7 - 21

July 5


20.15not beginners

Inspired by the Sivananda tradition, the practice of the Rishikesh series is foreseen during this course, a sequence of classical positions performed in sequence. It is offered in the basic version for beginners and with variations and extension of holding positions for more experienced practitioners.


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