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Yoga is a path of self-knowledge and realization consisting of a series of physical and meditative practices. These practices have been handed down through the millennia, in oral form, from master to disciple. As practitioners we walk towards physical and inner territories that are often completely unknown, discovering everything that identifies us as human beings. On this path we are led, encouraged and protected by a teacher who has walked the same path and encountered the same difficulties.


In practice, exercises involving the body, breath, images and sounds alternate. Through constant practice we develop a deep knowledge of ourselves that allows us to identify and remove the physical and mental elements that hinder a harmonious and meaningful personal growth. Little by little we become an active part of our physical, mental and emotional well-being: the opportunity comes to us precisely from the positions of the body (ASANA), from breathing and concentration exercises (PRANAYAMA and DHARANA), from meditation (DHYANA), from visualizations (YOGA NIDRA), from sound vibrations (MANTRA) and from "seals" (MUDRA) which are our tools for expanding consciousness. Over time we become healthy and strong, full of energy, positive, purposeful and joyful.



With Hatha Yoga we refer to a series of physical exercises,  purification and breathing techniques that aim at the health of the body and the optimal flow of the  vital flow that animates it.

The practice of Hatha Yoga is considered a gateway to understanding and domination of the mind, the ultimate goal of Raja Yoga.

"HATHA YOGA  it is based on the principle that the vital mechanism is supported by two currents of force: one positive which responds to the term HA and the other negative which responds to the term THA. It is the two forces, solar and lunar, pingala and ida which, when balanced, make the vital complex harmonized and therefore perfectly functioning. [...] HATHA YOGA is a psychophysical discipline which has two very effective tools as its main foundations: ASANA and PRANAYAMA. The asanas are the positions of the body particularly studied to favor certain energetic flows [...] Pranayama (breath control) refers to the control of vital forces. "*

*Adapted from  Essence and purpose of yoga,  PARMENIDES Ecocultural Association - Raphael



The term  Raja Yoga (royal yoga) means one  specific type of yoga which, thanks to  a series  physical, breathing and meditative practices, aim  to investigate the mind and its contents in order to obtain happiness and liberation from suffering.

Key figure of Raja Yoga is the philosopher Patanjali, whose  Yoga Sutras represent one of the greatest exposures of the human mind and its faculties.  

The proposed practice harks back to this tradition.

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Yogacinisello was born about 12 years ago thanks to Nicola Bianchi, an expert practitioner of Buddhist meditation who organizes a meditation group that meets 

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