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The physical value of breathing is well known: to introduce oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide they are basic aspects of our life. However yoga, since its origins, understands that the breath is the ideal tool to create connections between body, mind and emotions as well as to get in touch with the energetic dimension of the human being. Thanks to the breath it is in fact possible to curb the chaotic motions of the mind, thanks to the breath it is possible to manage emotions and thanks to the breath it is always possible to optimize our energy level.

In the practice of yoga, the breath also guides us in the realization of body positions and in deep relaxation naturally and effortlessly. But, most of all, the breath carriesprana, the life force,  the cosmic energy to which yogis learn to draw voluntarily; it is that energy which they wish to accumulate, which they wish to avoid dispersion and which they aim to direct towards the many expressions of being. This is Pranayama.

In addition to the weekly lessons, we delve into pranayama techniques during theResidential seminar on 7/9 July in Montallegro di Rapallo (Ge)



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