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“We have descended from the Infinite into finitude. As human beings, we have the God-given power to cast off all habits and limitations and to expand our consciousness over all creation, penetrating not only into the hearts of all creatures, but extending our reach beyond of the stars. Our innate match includes even more boundless spaces. Such immense possibilities lie within us! We are infinite! I live in this sphere of infinity, and am only aware of my body from time to time.

You are limited now but when, through deep, daily meditation, you are enabled to transfer your consciousness from the finite to the infinite, you will be free. God doesn't want you to be prisoners of your body. You are a child of God, and you must live up to this divine birthright.” 

FromThe eternal quest of manby Paramansa Yogananda

Every spiritual tradition and every religion recognizes meditation as an instrument of evolution and happiness.

The meditation taught in our courses does not refer to any specific religious belief and is open to all.



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